2017-2018 Annual Fund Donors

Every gift to the Junior League Annual Fund, large and small, helps us cover our operating expenses and allows us to direct more funds to the organizations we support.

Through the generosity of donors, the Junior League of Nashville Annual Fund Campaign raises funds to provide essential support to our programs, training and operational costs. The annual fund gives donors the opportunity to contribute directly to the League’s programs and other support needs. Make your donation today to the area of need or community program of your choice.

Make your Annual Fund gift today.


ReverseRedJLPresident’s Circle
$1,000 and above

Mr. Pickslay Cheek Jr.
Donna and Pickslay Cheek Jr. Advised Fund of
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Jessica Edwards

Olivia and Mark Rechter
Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Rechter
Rechter Family Fund of
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Patti Smallwood

T & T Family Foundation


Jane Corcoran

Patrick & Lorrie McDermott

C.B. Rollins III & Delinda Rollins Charitable Lead Unitrust

Mary &  DeeDee Wade

Jenna Watson

Christopher & Melissa Wyatt


Mr. and Mrs. Laurence DeFrance
Larry and Chris DeFrance Family Donor Advised Fund of
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Maggie DeVier

Sarah Hicks

Jennifer Hill
In Honor of 2017-2018 Board & Management Team

Lillias Dale Johnston

Paul Nelson

Lauren Rowe


Rachel Ailor

Beth Alexander

Polly Alexander

Louise Bairnsfather

Mrs. James C. Bradford, Jr.

Angela Ciklin

Cara Deese

Connie Deidiker

Josephine Doubleday

Karen Godley

Barbara Graves

Diane Griffin

Catherine Hawkins

Sharon Hicks

Peggy Hutton

Sandra Lillie

Helen McCabe

Leslie McGinn

Sheila McNeeley
In Honor of the JLN Transfer Committee and Group

Kathryn McKinley

Caroline Nail

Sandra Owen

Linde Pflaum
In Honor of Krystal Clark & the 2017-2018 JLN Board of Directors

Laurie Read

Kathy Rolfe

Meredith Schiefer

Georgia Sewell

Sally Smallwood

Susan Spickard

Hettie Stuart
In Memory of Karin Dale Coble

Barbara Turner


Taryn Anderson

Margaret Barker

Paige Bell

Dana Bybee

Theresa Carl

Holly Clyne

Julia & John Colton

Halee Culicerto
In Honor of Michaela Morrison

Tiffany Davis

Sarah DeLisle

Sandra Douglass

Emeline Dunn

Laura Fairbrother

Eileen Forsythe

Ashley Fuqua

Laura Gillette

CaNesha Gordon

Whitney Haley

Katelyn Hamaker

Alexandria Hamm

Alice Heywood

Caryl Hippler

Jessica Hopson

Shannon Horrell

Jean Jackson

Nicole Jeffery

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Patti Fuller

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Randall Binford

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Jacqueline A. Mosman

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Mary Avon Motlow Boyd

Ellen Kington

Megan Koontz

Beth Kost

Ellie Lentz

Donna Littleton

Tangela Lucas

Alex Marks

Sarah McFarland

Kathryn McKinley

Mariann Morris

Erin Morrison
In Honor of Krystal Clark

Katie Elizabeth Myers

Sallie Norton
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen

Carolyn O’Neil

Cathryn Parrish

Carolyn Pearre

Elizabeth Pitts

Donna Platt

Allison Reed
In Honor of Jenna Watson

Caitlin Reed
In Honor of #GivingTuesday

Bethany Rhoten

Carmen Rogge

Molly Ruberg

Alyssa Rysdyk
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Mary Jo Shankle

Amy Smotherman
In Honor of Krystal Clark

Marci Solomon

Maleah Stephens

Eliza Stubblefield

Jane Stumpf

Stacy Sullivan
In Honor of Krystal Clark

Anne Tate

Mrs. J. Lillard Templeton, Jr.

Margaret Thornton

Frances Tipton

Kaci Turner

Kristy Vanderford

Lindsey Vawter

Pat Wallace
In Memory of Mary Lee Manier