Celebrating 100 Years of Impact

Join members and city leaders in celebrating the Junior League of Nashville’s transformative impact on our community over the past century.


  • March 31, 2022 – Patrons Party (Nashville Public Library-Main)
  • April 9, 2022 – Founding Day Fête (City Winery)
  • April 23, 2022Centennial Gala & Late Party (Schermerhorn Symphony Center)

Honorary chair: Jerry Williams | Co-chairs: Suann Davis & Linde Pflaum | Committee chairs: Brittany Irby & Allie Reed


The Junior League of Nashville began in 1922 with a group of women determined to make a difference. Women had received the right to vote two years prior, but opportunities outside the home were still few. The Junior League provided a place for these women to grow their talents and give back to their city.

The League became a special place for women to flourish into thoughtful and seasoned leaders who learned how to take on the toughest problems of the day and work collaboratively with all involved to arrive at pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

Over the years, the League has had a profound effect on Nashville, as evidenced by the many programs we have founded.

Today, our League is 1,500 women strong. True to our extraordinary legacy, today’s League members are at the forefront of addressing human trafficking and literacy, among other issues.



Special thanks to Jillian Frist and Jordan Waldron for directing the centennial advisory and planning committee. Members included:

  • Hollie Alsip
  • Beth Alexander
  • Mary Lee Bartlett
  • Reen Baskin
  • Samantha Bell
  • Catherine Beemer
  • Paige Biglane
  • Lisa Campbell
  • Tricia Carswell
  • Silvia Castaneda
  • Jackie Cavnar
  • Megan Charalambakis
  • AnnJeanette Colwell
  • Laura Creekmore
  • Suann Davis
  • Hadley Doolittle
  • Kim Carpenter Drake
  • Eileen Evans
  • Katie Foley
  • Caitlin Franklin
  • Jillian Frist
  • Megan Grant
  • Lauren Gwinn
  • Sonya Hairston
  • Halley Hale
  • Tricia Hall
  • Alex Hartz
  • Jennifer Hillen
  • Sally Holland
  • Rachel Hornsby
  • Margo Kaestner
  • Julie Kinsland
  • Mary Catherine McAnulty
  • Susan Moll
  • Beth Moore
  • Erin Morrison
  • Melissa Mostellar
  • Anna Myers
  • Alisa Peters
  • Linde Pflaum
  • Amy Pitts
  • Trish Poe
  • Brooke Reusch
  • Jade Sampson
  • Robin Satyshur
  • Sally Smallwood
  • Carrie Stokes
  • Jordan Waldron
  • Ellie Wetzel
  • Gretchen Zimmerman
  • Nahed Zehr