2016-2017 Annual Fund Donors

Every gift to the Junior League Annual Fund, large and small, helps us cover our operating expenses and allows us to direct more funds to the organizations we support.

Through the generosity of donors, the Junior League of Nashville Annual Fund Campaign raises funds to provide essential support to our programs, training and operational costs. The annual fund gives donors the opportunity to contribute directly to the League’s programs and other support needs. Make your donation today to the area of need or community program of your choice.

Make your Annual Fund gift today.


ReverseRedJLPresident’s Circle
$1,000 and above

Judith Andrews

Mary Lee and Steve Bartlett

Ann Bumstead

Kerry Dunn

Patrick and Lorrie McDermott

Necie Elizabeth Pable
In Honor of the 2016-2017 Board and Management Team

Bertie Shriver

Patti Smallwood

T & T Family Foundation

Jerry Williams
The Enchiridion Foundation

Christopher & Melissa Wyatt


Pickslay Cheek, Jr.

Kevin & Katie Crumbo
Pine Haven Foundation Trust

Donna Dalton
In Memory of Donna Cheek

Fran Hardcastle

Lizard Thicket

C.B. Rollins III & Delinda Rollins Charitable Lead Unitrust


Mr. and Mrs. Overton Colton
Colton Family Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Laura Creekmore

Katherine Davis

Suann Davis
In Honor of Marjorie Helen Maxwell

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence DeFrance

Margaret Dolan

Tracy Frazier
In Honor of Maureen Frazier

Phyllis Heard

Sally Holland

Mary Lynch

Sheila McNeeley
In honor of the JLN Transfer Committee and Group

Catherine Raven
Crowe Horwath Foundation
In Honor of Ashley Goldman

Robin Satyshur

Elizabeth Stadler

Eleanor Whitworth

Carol Yochem


Laurie Adams

Rachel Ailor

Beth Alexander

Judith Andrews

Sallie Bailey

Louise C. Bairnsfather

Laura Bearden

Catherine Beemer

Bradford Family Foundation

Linda Burkholder

Tricia Carswell

Conway-Welch Family Foundation

Jane Corcoran

Allison Cotton

Andrea Davis

Caroline Davis

Josephine Doubleday

Polly Douse

Meredith Eason

Jessica Edwards

Laurie Eskind

Anne-Taylor Fones

Rebecca Garrett

Cindee Gold

Ellie Goldman

Barbara Graves

Valerie Hartong

Lucy Haynes

Alice Heywood

Jennifer Hill
In Honor of 2016-2017 Board and Management Team

Meredith Hollomon

Alice Hooker

Vivian Rene Houghland

Thomas Hulme
In Honor of Dayna Hulme

Suzanne Iler

Nina Kumar

Patricia Lekki

Sandra Lillie

Allison Malone

Mary Catherine McAnulty

Brenda McCard

Kathryn McNabb

Derrill McRae

Beth Moore
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Erin Morrison
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Caroline Nail

Sandra Owen

Elizabeth Papel

Elinor Peek

Shannon Pellatiro

Nancy Phipps

Kathy Rolfe

Mary Schoettle

Kendra Scott

Sally Smallwood
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Kristi Smith
In Honor of Necie Elizabeth Pable

Katie Steele

Hettie Stuart
In Honor of Necie Elizabeth Pable

Mary Stumb

Catherine Sullivan

Mrs. Fred Tarkington
In Honor of Mrs. Lipscomb Davis, Jr.

Barbara Turner

Jordan Waldron

Julie Walker
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Peggy Warner

Jillian Waters

Jenna Watson

Sarah Woodall


Leigh Adams

Katherine Alexander

Beth Scott Clayton Amos, LUCTF, CLTC

Jamie Arnett

Amy Atkinson

Rachel Barden

Jenny Barker

Melissa Barnes

Ansley Bartlett
In Honor of Mary Lee Bartlett

Reen Baskin

Elizabeth Baxley

Merritt Beaver

Holly Beck

Katie Beckman

Sarah Benfield

Lauren Berny

Janie Berry

Ayn Marie Bivins

Yvonne Bland

Emily Bond

Katherine Braddy

Camille Brandon

Nancy Brasher

Kim Bright

Cathy Brown

Terry Renee’ Browne

Kerri Burton

Alicia Caldwell

Steve Caldwell
In Honor of Kristin Torrey

Jeannie Camarillo

Molly Campbell

Laura Carrico

Nancy Cawood

Krystal Clark

Kimberly Clay
In Honor of Play Like a Girl!

John Colton
In Honor of Julia C. Colton

Jennifer Colquitt

Sara Power Coop

Marjorie Dale

Jan Davis

Nancy Davis

Thommye Davis

Tamesha Derico
In Honor of Necie Elizabeth Pable

Maggie DeVier

Jennifer Diehl

Deena Drummond

Jessica Edwards
In Honor of Kristin Torrey

Anne Eubanks

Mary Katherine Everette

Laura Fairbrother

Danielle Fargason

Jean Farris

Elizabeth Felder

Anne-Taylor Fones

Caitlin Franklin

Katherine Freeman

Ashley Fuqua

The Garden Club of the Junior League of New Orleans
In Memory of Margaret Ann Robinson

Solvig Gentile

Meagan Gilday

Laura Gillette

Kathryn Goggins

Summer Goldberg

Elisa Goodrich

Kiera Gorman

Jennifer Hamilton

Alexandria Hamm

Jennifer Hillen
In Honor of Jennifer Hill & Heather Kemp

Kaci Hinkel

Trudy Holden

Jessica Bowers Hopson

Martha Hotchkiss

Alice Hudson
In Memory of Virginia Grimes

Karla Hyatt

Susan Irby

Lindsay Jacques
In Honor of Jane B. Jacques

Angela Jefferson

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Elaine Audrey Schneider Sims Gwin

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Wilma Leonard Hymel

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Audrey Lightsey

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Richard G. Wright, III

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Joan H. Hippler

Tana Kelly
In Honor of Kristin Torrey

Heather Kemp
In Honor Of Suann Davis

Heather Kemp
In Honor of Maggie DeVier

Heather Kemp
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen

Heather Kemp
In Honor of Anna Moran

Heather Kemp
In Honor of Bethany Rhoten

Heather Kemp
Happy Birthday Krystal Clark!

Heather Kemp
Happy Birthday Jillian Frist!

Megan Koontz
In Honor of Becky Phillips

Myra Leathers

Eliza Lentz

Kathleen Lizarraga

Mary Losito
In Honor of Kristin Torrey

Kayla Lowery

Alex Marks

Christy Marrs

Jessica McAllister

Helen McCabe

Mia McCain

Elizabeth McKenzie

Kathryn McKinley

Daniela Medina

Kate Meriwether
In Honor of Vicky Tarleton

Elizabeth Michels
In Honor of Becky Stephens

Katherine Miller

Susan Moll
In Honor of Jennifer Hill

Lisa Montross

Anna Moran

Britt Moses
In Honor of Susan Moll

Tara Murphy

Katie Myers

Ann Ralls Niewold

Sallie Norton
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Christy Odom

Carolyn O’Neil

Jessica Osaki

Beth Osteen

Ashley Parker

Catherine Parrish

Janet Parry

Brooke Paschali

Carolyn Pearre

Shannon Pellatiro

Linde Pflaum
In Honor of Kristin Torrey

Becky Phillips

Onetia Pierson

Megan Pinson

Nicole Pittman

Amy Pitts

Elizabeth Pitts

Sandra Polk

Jeanai Ranero

Allison Reed

Caitlin Reed
In Honor of #GivingTuesday

Bethany Rhoten

Jane Richmond

Carmen Rogge

Thomasa Ross

Lauren Rowe

Jade Sampson

Meredith Schiefer

Brittany Sever

Mary Jo Shankle

Kelsey Shasteen

Hannah Smith

Amy Smotherman
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Kim Ann Snodgrass

Susan Spickard

Julie Steele

Maleah Stephens

Lisa Stickel

Amelia Strobel

Andrea Swafford

Summer Thielebeule

Ann Tidwell

Emily Tidwell

Brande Thomas

Maggie Thomson

Gray Thornburg
In Honor of Beth Alexander

Joanne Todd

Kristin Torrey

Kristin Torrey
In Honor of Krystal Clark

Kristy Vanderford

Amanda Vick

Catherine Vrettos
In Honor of Matilda Howell

Bettye Walker

Alisha Warner

Margaret Warner

Michelle Weiss

Ann Harwell Wells

Marilyn Whiteman-Fels

Anne Williams

Sherry Woodman

Gretchen Zimmerman
In Honor of Krystal Clark