2019-2020 Annual Fund Donors

We are so grateful for the following donors who have demonstrated their commitment to supporting our mission. To add your name to list, make your Annual Fund gift today.

President’s Circle
$1,000 and above

Jerry Williams

Olivia and Mark Rechter

Nahed Artoul Zehr

Mary Lee Bartlett




Christopher and Melissa Wyatt

The Association of Junior Leagues

Pickslay Cheek, Jr.

Adrienne Ebert LeBlanc



Jenna Watson

Jenny Barker

Alice Hudson Pell

Linda Burkholder



Phyllis Heard

Hettie Stuart
      In Memory of Alice Ingram Hooker

Sheila McNeeley

Melissa Mosteller

Meredith Eason

Allison Stansberry

Angela Moretti Goddard

Dana Bybee



Allison Reed

Jeanai Ranero

Mary Harrell

Samantha Dwyer

Tamesha Derkach

Alice Heywood

Emerald Mitchell

Natalie Brooke Helsley

Claudia Whitehorn

Brittany Irby

Caitlin Franklin

Helen McCabe