2018-2019 Annual Fund Donors

We are so grateful for the following donors who have demonstrated their commitment to supporting our mission. To add your name to list, make your Annual Fund gift today.

President’s Circle
$1,000 and above

Jerry Williams

Mary Lee and Steve Bartlett

Ann Bumstead

Bertie Shriver

Mr. and Mrs. Tom D. Crook
In Honor of Catherine Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fleming

Jessica Edwards
In Honor of 2018-2019 JLN Development Council

Tracy Frazier

Patti Smallwood
In Honor of Ann Bumstead

T & T Family Foundation

Chris and Melissa Wyatt


Pickslay Cheek Jr.
Donna and Pickslay Cheek, Jr. Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Catherine Crumbo

Ebert-LeBlanc Family Foundation

Frances Hardcastle

Laurie Read
In Honor of 2019 Spring Soiree Committee

Robin Satyshur

United Way of Greater Atlanta


Rachel Ailor

Jane Corcoran

Amy and Overton Colton,
Colton Family Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence DeFrance,
Larry and Chris DeFrance Family Donor Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Sarah Hicks

Sally Holland

Terri Major

Patrick and Lorrie McDermott

Sheila McNeeley
In Honor of JLN Transfer Committee and Group

C.B. Rollins III and Delinda Rollins Charitable Lead Unitrust

Meredith Schiefer

Elizabeth Stadler

Allison Stansberry

Katie Steele

Jenna Watson
In Honor of Maureen Frazier

Eleanor Whitworth


Leslee Alexander

Rena Allison

Sallie Bailey

Louise Bairnsfather

Jean Barksdale

Yvonne Bland

Lattie Brown

Cynthia Bullinger

Linda Burkholder

Dana Bybee

Patricia Carswell

Angie Ciklin

Anita Cochran

Donna Dalton

Cara Deese

Maggie DeVier
In Honor of 2018-2019 JLN Management Team

Margaret Dolan

Lauren Douglass

Brenda Dowdle

Meredith Eason

Laurie Eskind

Anne-Taylor Fones

Jillian Frist
In Honor of Jennifer Osland Hillen

Bridgett Garratt
In Memorial of Holly Calhoun

Rebecca Garrett

Marian Hall

Lucy Haynes
In Honor of Nahed Zehr

Jennifer Hill
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen and the 2018-2019 Board of Directors and Management Team

Brandi Holland

Meredith Hollomon

Alice Hooker

Lisle Hooper

Brook Huffsmith

Suzanne Iler
In Honor of Amy Smotherman

International Paper

Anne Jenkins

Caryl Johnson

Tiffany Kling

Nina Kumar

Ellie Lentz

Mary Lynch

Mary Catherine McAnulty

Brenda McCard

Patricia D. McDowell
In Honor of Maureen Frazier

Leslie McGinn

Dr. Emerald Mitchell

Diana Mobley

Beth Moore

Katie Myers

Caroline Nail

Ann Ralls Niewold

Andrea Oglesby

Sandra Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Courtney N. Pearre

Elinor Peek

Nancy Phipps

Onetia Pierson

Mon-Kisha Porter

Rachel Potter

Kathy Rolfe

Lauren and Christopher Rowe

Jade Sampson

Lyn Shell

Sally Smallwood

Marci Solomon

Hettie Stuart
In Honor of Catherine Vrettos

Catherine Sullivan

Ann Tidwell

Barbara Turner

Mary Wade,
Horatio and Willie D. Buntin Foundation

Julie Walker
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen

Nahed Zehr
In Honor of Nurah and Nadeen Zehr


Katherine Alexander

Jamie Arnett

Barbara Asbury

Rachel Barden

Jenny Barker

Margaret Barker

Melinda Bass

Elizabeth Baxley

Catherine Beemer

Lisa Berry

Katherine Braddy

Jenny Breeden

Holly Brewer

Emily Brinser

Peggy Brown

Wyeth Burgess

Melissa Burton

Anne Buttrey

Claudia Byers

Alicia Caldwell

Erin Canty

Laura Carrico

Krystal Clark
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen

Beth Scott Clayton Amos

Murphie Clem

Erin Clements

Lisa Cobbler

Terri Coker

John Colton
In Honor of Julia Colton

Patricia Curry

Melissa Cyperski

Marjorie Dale

Catherine Dambrino

Andrea Davis

Jan Davis

Megan E. Davis

Suann Davis

Tiffany Davis

Adria DeLaune

Renee Dias

Sandra Douglass

Eileen Evans

Kathleen Evers

Jean Farris

Marilyn Fels

Mary Folger

Caitlin Franklin

Maureen Frazier

Katie Freeman

Mrs. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.

Laura Gillette

Kathryn Goggins

Elisa Goodrich

Antricia Gordan

Ann Harmer

Valerie Hartong
In Memorial of Ceci Smith

Catherine Hawkins

June Hawkins
In Memorial of Virginia Russell Clark

Julie Haynes

Natasha Hazlett

Nichele Heller

Alice Heywood

Trudy Holden

Jessica Hopson

Caroline Howell

Alice Hudson Pell
In Honor of Kristin Torrey

Brittany Irby

Susan Irby

Lindsay Irving
In Honor of Jane Berry Jacques

Jean Jackson

Dr. Ellen Jacobson
In Honor of Kate Meriwether

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memorial of Alton Buesee Fulbright

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memorial of Michael Kimbrough

Heather Kemp
In Honor of Katie Myers and Bethany Rhoten

Lana Kidd

Ellen Kington Frazer

Megan Koontz
In Honor of Taryn Anderson

Beth Kost

Myra Leathers

Mollie Lehner

Patricia Lekki

Sara Lynes

Alex Marks

Jessica McAllister

Deborah McDougall

Kathryn McNabb

Katherine Miller

Laura Miller

Lisa Millman

Susan Moll
In Honor of Jennifer Osland Hillen, 2018-2019 JLN President

Katie Morgan

Michaela Morrison

Britt Moss

Christine Murray

Lauren Natale

Mary Neville

Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation, USA

Sallie Norton
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen

Kristin O’Brien

Christy Odom

Jean Oldfield

Carolyn O’Neil

Beth Osteen

Necia Elizabeth Pable

Shandus Parish

Janet Parry

Megan Parker Peters

Megan Pinson

Nicole Pittman

Amy Pitts

Sandra Polk

Allison Reed
In Honor of Jenna Watson

Robinson Regen

Bethany Rhoten

Jane Richmond

Tyler Leigh Riggins

Caroline Roberson

Maidie Ryan

Jessica Schneller

Brittany Sever

Lindsey Sexton

Mary Jo Shankle

Concetta Smith

Judi Smith

Amy Smotherman

Kim Snodgrass

Laura Sparkman

Maleah Stephens

Amelia Strobel

Eliza Stubblefield

Mary Stumb

Jane Stumpf

Clair Surratt Francis

Andrea Swafford

Debra Taylor

Brande Thomas

Emily Tidwell

Kristin Torrey
In Honor of Jenna Watson

United Way of Middle Tennessee

Amanda Vick

Danielle Voss

Jordan Waldron

Tanya Washington

Michelle Weiss

Mary Beth White

Allyson Witters Cundiff

Carla Williams

Mandi Wochner

Keri Wood

Sarah Woodall
In Honor of Jennifer Hillen

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memorial of John T. Wright

Gretchen Zimmerman
In Honor of Krystal Clark, pioneering JLN President