2019-2020 JLN Slate Announced

The 2019-2020 slate presented by the Nominating Committee passed by the vote held at the November General Membership Meetings. Thank you to all JLN volunteers who were willing to serve in a leadership position to promote the mission of the JLN.

2019–2020 Slate for Board of Directors

President Nahed Zehr
President-Elect Sarah Creekmore Woodall
Executive Vice President Allison Reed
Nominating Chair Caitlin Franklin
Recording Secretary Alice Pell
Treasurer Jeanai Ranero
Active Director Jenny Barker
Active Director Brittany Irby
Active Director Dana Bybee
Sustainer Director Angela Moretti Goddard
Sustainer Director Catherine Beemer
Executive Vice President-Elect Jenna Watson
Nominating Chair-Elect Elisa Goodrich
Treasurer Elect Laura Allison Woods



2019–2020 Slate for Management Team

VP MARCOM Elect (2020-2021) Laura Gillette
VP Community Elect (2020-2021) Nina Kumar
VP Development Elect (2020-2021) Adria DeLaune
VP Membership Elect (2020-2021) Emily Hagerman
VP Operations Elect (2020-2021) Samantha Yeargin


Nominating Committee for 2019–2020

Erin Clements

Jessica Edwards

Kathryn Goggins

Katherine Miller

Bethany Rhoten

Laurel Riley

Concetta Smith

Kristin Torrey