Additional Information: 2020-2021 JLN Community Partnership Funding Ballot

The desired community outcomes for JLN’s Literacy focus are:

1. Increase access to literary materials for at-risk children and their families.
2. Increase access to educational support programs for at-risk children and their families.
3. Identify and minimize the achievement gaps that exist for at-risk children in order to increase public support for initiatives that close those gaps.

The desired community outcomes for JLN’s Human Trafficking focus are:

1. Provide educational opportunities and informational materials to key influencers to raise awareness of the issue and promote the ways in which human trafficking can be prevented.
2. Increase access to programs that can prevent an increase in the number of human trafficking victims.
3. Increase access to programs that assist survivors of human trafficking to begin recovery.

JLN will have volunteer opportunities with all partners listed below.

Proposed Literacy Partners for Funding and Volunteers

Funding Amount $4,350 – Funds would sponsor one student/family dinner event for each of the four PENCIL family resource center sites to coincide with their literacy night and also provide funds for supplies for 2 Reading days

Preston Taylor Ministries
Funding Amount $2,000 – Reading camps, lunch time partner reading, Summer literacy field trips

Book ‘em 1 – Reading is Fundamental
Funding Amount $9,035 – Books, volunteer background checks, supplies, orientation materials

Book ‘em 2 – Book Program for Kids
Funding Amount $3,000 – Bilingual books or books to showcase diversity, supplies for book sorting and distribution

McNeilly Center
Funding Amount $8,000 – Literacy activities & celebrations funding, reading centers, take-home books, writing materials, pre-K preparation

Safe Haven Family Shelter
Funding Amount $8,000 – Quarterly parenting class curriculum and supplies, literacy curriculum materials and workbooks, headphones/kindles

Youth Villages
Funding Amount $8,350 – Tutoring sessions for year, book club monies and community outings for both Wallace girls + JLN volunteers, graduation party

Moves & Grooves
Volunteers only – Each project is aligned to an outcome; helping students create and publish their own books, read alouds, and author research/library

Proposed Human Trafficking Partners for Funding and Volunteers

Renewal House
Funding Amount $3,570 – Six dinners for 40 residents and guests, supplies for games and activities, background checks/drug screening for volunteers

Oasis Center
Funding Amount $6,000 – Shelter and street outreach to keep children off the street and preventing trafficking opportunities

You Have the Power
Funding Amount $10,000 – Translation and printing for Human Sex Trafficking resource guide (Russian), Domestic Violence and Crime Survivor’s guides (Arabic)

End Slavery Tennessee
Funding Amount $8,852 – Self-referral guide, one-pager, partner organization brochures, to be co-branded with ESTN/JLN. Funding for other marketing initiatives such as the No Show Ball, & HT Awareness Month