2022-2023 Annual Fund Donors

We are so grateful for the following donors who have demonstrated their commitment to supporting our mission. To add your name to list, make your Annual Fund gift today.


President’s Circle
$1,000 AND ABOVE

Taryn Anderson

Mary Lee Bartlett

JS Bolton

The Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation
A Board Directed Grant by Donna Dalton

Ann Bumstead

Donna Dalton

Karen and Gene Fleming

The HCA Foundation

Kathryn McNabb
In Honor of Taryn Anderson

Olivia and Mark Rechter
Rechter Family Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Jane Richmond

Bertie Shriver

Patti Smallwood

Melissa & Christopher Wyatt

Nahed Zehr
In Honor of Nurah, Nadeen, and Saleem Zehr




Karla Adams

Polly Alexander

Shana Alford Allsmiller

The Anita and William Cochran Foundation

Pickslay Cheek, Jr.
Donna and Pickslay Cheek, Jr. Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Jane Corcoran

Ebert-LeBlanc Family Foundation

Janalie Henriques
In Honor of Hailey Blank and Andrew Swensen

Jennifer Hill

Chala McDonald

Robin Satyshur

Susan Simons

Bethany Worley





Emmy Banks

Kathryn Brown

Linda Burkholder

Caterpillar Foundation

Suann Davis

Tiffany Davis

Lillias Johnston

Larry and Chris DeFrance
Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Ellen Martin

Melinda McCrea

Michel McDonald

Sheila McNeeley
In Honor of the JLN Transfer Committee & Group

Sarah Mettee

Sandy Owen

Lauren Rowe

Susan Shanks

Debra Taylor

UBS Matching Gifts Program

VMWare Foundation

Ellie Wetzel-Haley
In Honor of Amy Smotherman




Carmen April-Washington
In Honor of Lonnie Hamlin-April 

Sallie Bailey

Bonita Brown

Cathy Brown

Linda Burkholder

Ruth Cate

Nancy Cheadle

Julia & John Colton

Laura Creekmore

Jan Davis

Megan Davis

Marjorie Dale

Brenda Dowdle

Meredith Eason

Missy Eason

Frances Edwards

Beth Felch

Betty Finucane

Katheryn Francis

Bridgett Garratt

Bobbi Graves

Marian Hall

Natalie Brooke Helsley

Trudy Holden

Sally Holland

Susan Irby

Jean Jackson

Rebecca James

Caryl Johnson

Lillias Johnston

Tiffany Kling

Nina Kumar

Myra Leathers

Mamie Cayce McAlister
In Honor of Hilary Cumbest and Mamie Joyce

Mary Catherine McAnulty

Brenda McCard

Susan Moll
In Memory of Patricia Hart

Erin Morrison

Carla Myers

Sallie King Norton
Norton Family Charitable Fund
In Honor of Pat Wallace

Elinor Peek

Alice Hudson Pell

Nancy Phipps

Megan Pinson

Peggy Richter

Delinda Rollins

Jade Sampson

Judi Smith

Sue Spickard

John and Patricia Strickland
In Memory of Eugenia Allen Kennedy Rose

Hettie Stuart
In Honor of Heather Kemp

Mary Stumb

Catherine Sullivan

Barbara Turner

Julie Walker





Margaret Barker

Maggie Blake

Jenny Breeden

Laura Carrico

Megan Charalambakis
In Honor of Taryn Anderson

Adria DeLaune

Sarah Ann Ezzell
In Honor of Taryn Anderson

Midge Folger

Jillian Frist

Antricia Gordon

La’Kishia Harris

Julie Haynes

Alice Heywood

Laura Holliday

Brittany Irby

Kirsten Jacobson

JLN Sustainer Transfer Williamson #1 Supper Club
In Memory of Kathryn Walsh and Ann Nimocks Pleasants

Ariel Kelly

Lael Kiesling

Brittany Lavalle

Kim Looney

Helen McCabe

Samantha McCaskill

Katherine McKee

Britton Nielsen

Carolyn Pearre

Lauren Petrovich

Patsey Reed

Bethany Rhoten

The Schneider Electric Foundation

Charlsey Schwer

Anne Tate

Andrewena Taylor

Edie Wear

Elle Zhang

Gretchen Zimmerman

Reflects donations as of 2/3/2023