Done in a Day is Seeking Food Donations to Local Shelters

Done In A Day is working to collect food items for shelters around Nashville. Please see the list below and each shelter’s needs. If you would like to donate, please put items in a bag labeled the correct shelter the food is meant for.

You can drop at:

  • 2230A Carter Ave (it’s the white home that will have a box on the front porch, inside the gate)
  • 1211 Chickasaw Drive, Brentwood
  • Junior League Headquarters
  • Directly to the shelters (drop off days and times are listed below each)

Drop off deadline will be 11/21, right before Thanksgiving.

Food Pantry Critical Needs
• Non-perishable foods. All are needed. Most needed now: tuna, hearty meals (beef stew, chili, and ravioli), cereal, canned meat, mac and cheese.
• Baby Products: Diapers (sizes 3,4,5, and 6), baby formula
• Household Products: Toilet Paper, Laundry detergent
• Hygiene Products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant
• Dog Food
We ask you make these donations Monday through Friday, between 9 am to 3 pm, at the GraceWorks Donation Center at 104 Southeast Pkwy (back of building). We are ONLY accepting Food Pantry donations at this time. 
If you anticipate bringing a large donation or anything that needs to be refrigerated/frozen, please contact Alicia Bell on her cell at 615-509-3325.

Bellevue Community Food Bank- 
·         Dry potatoes (instant potato packages/boxes)
·         Canned potatoes
·         Canned Mixed Veggies
·         Syrup
·         Boxes of rice/pasta sides (packets)
·         Crackers
·         Black eyed peas
·         Juice (not apple)
·         Chili
·         Beef stew
·         Pop tarts