Early Year Active Program

Our Pandemic Provisionals (Team 98 & 99) sadly missed out on the in-person connections that are typically part of their early JLN experience.

To deepen a sense of belonging for these new members, we are launching an Early Year Active program that connects women in small groups co-chaired by Sustainer and later-year Active members.

How can I help?
Small group co-hosts are needed to help build connections with first- and second-year actives who opt into this program. You may choose your co-host and sign up together, or we can assign a co-host.

What will this involve for me and my co-host?

You and your co-host will be asked to:

  • Attend a scheduled JLN event each month with your group. This can be a GMM, Training, Membership Experience Event, etc. Not everyone may be able to attend, but events are more fun when you go with friends.
  • Oversee connecting socially as a group once per quarter. Planning may be assigned to group members for these four casual gathering.
  • Check-in 1:1 with group members in the fall and spring. Divide your group between you and your co-host and connect with them individually.

How do I sign up to help? 

Please email Sarah Creekmore Woodall and/or Samantha Bell by Thursday, September 30 to indicate your interest or learn more. Let us know whether your preference is to participate virtually or in person.

Thanks for considering this opportunity to team up with one of your JLN friends and welcome our newest members in a fun and rewarding way! 

Sarah Creekmore Woodall & Samantha Bell
Early Year Active Program Co-Chairs (2021-2022)